Cobham Antenna Systems offer a range of Marker Beacon antennas.

Cobham have a range of marker beacon antennas for airborne navigation. Marker beacon antennas allow pilots to determine their position on a specified route when used with Instrument Landing Systems (ILS).

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Marker Beacon Antennas

Marker Beacon Antenna Range


Part Number Frequency Power (W) Size (WxH) Description
 17-4, 17-4B   75 MHz  N/A  L 36.3 cm H 5.5 cm W 15.3 cm (Max)   Conformal - Marker Aerial
 17-4D  75 MHz  N/A  L 36.2 cm H 5.0 cm W 15.2 cm (Max)   Conformal - ILS Marker Aerial
 17-4D/1   75 MHz  N/A  L 36.3 cm H 5.1 cm W 15.3 cm (Max)  Conformal - ILS Marker Aerial
 17-5  75 MHz  N/A  L 27.2 cm H 5.3 cm W 4.2 cm (Max)  Marker Antenna
 17-9 Series  75 MHz  N/A  L 23.0 cm H 4.8 cm W 6.2 cm (Max)  Lightweight Marker Antenna
 17-10  75 MHz  N/A  L 38.2 cm H 3.4 cm W 4.9 cm (Max)  Marker Antenna
 17-11   75 MHz  N/A  L 30.6 cm H 5.8 cm W 6.7 cm (Max)  Marker Antenna
 17-34 76 MHz N/A L 30.2 cm H 7.3 cm W 19.9 cm (Max)  Conformal Antenna Marker Beacon Element
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