Cobham Antenna Systems has a full range of Navigation antennas, either separate function antennas or combined functions are available.

Cobham Antenna systems has been a leading designer and manufacture of airborne navigation antennas for over 60 years.

Navigational guidance and collision avoidance antenna products are available for Defence, Security and Commercial applications worldwide.

Products include:

  • GPS Antennas
  • Anti-Jam GPS Antennas & Systems
  • ADS-B Antennas
  • VOR Antennas
  • LOC Antennas
  • GS Antennas
  • TCAS Antennas
  • DME Antennas
  • TACAN Antennas
  • IFF Antennas
  • MLS Antennas
  • Marker Beacon Antennas

Please visit the relevant product sections below or contact us for further information. Alternatively view our Airborne Navigation antenna reference table.

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