Cobham is a leading manufacturer of reliable, high performance communication, navigation and GPS antennas for Military, Civil and Para Military applications.

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We provide antennas for general aviation, helicopters, light jets, transport aircraft, vehicle and land requirements. 


Our portfolio includes Anti-jam solutions, Direction finding antennas, UHF SATCOM, VHF Communication, FM Communication, UHF / L Band for Communication or Navigation. Marker Beacons, Navigation Antennas, GPS Antennas, ELT Antennas, Couplers, Diplexers and Combiners. Specialty antennas for XM Weather and Radio, Data Link Wi-Fi and Air-To-Ground Antennas for Gogo in-flight internet and entertainment.


We innovate with ideas like ComDat ® multi-function antennas that combine critical functions in one radome, saving time, space and money.

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